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Lower Back Pain Treatment from your Paris IL Chiropractor

At Hancock Chiropractic Center, we’ve provided constant, high-quality care to our patients for many years. One of the most common complaints our patients have is with lower back pain. This type of pain can range from minimal to severe, chronic to on-and-off. It is our goal to provide you with the most holistic, effective way to manage the pain you feel. When you visit your Paris IL chiropractor, you’ll always get exceptional support.

man experiencing lower back pain

Common Causes of Lower Back Pain

A variety of situations can cause lower back pain. The pain can develop over time and become chronic or occur due to an injury. Some of the most common causes of lower back pain include:

  • Your career – The type of work you do can lead to stress and strain on the spinal column. This causes misalignment of the joints and inflammation of the nerves. Repetitiveness is a common cause.
  • Posture – If you have poor posture, this will cause a misalignment of the spine. The result is pain and limited mobility.
  • Injury – Falling, twisting, or even sports injuries can be a cause of this type of debilitating pain.
  • Sciatica Injury – If you have pain that runs from the lower back into your legs, this could be caused by inflammation to the sciatic nerve.

Symptoms of Back Pain

The symptoms of back pain are generally more than just a dull ache. You should seek out a chiropractor’s care if you have pain that lasts more than a day, becomes chronic, or comes back frequently. Other symptoms include:

  • Tingling in the limbs
  • Limited mobility
  • Tenderness or other discomfort

How Is Lower Back Pain Diagnosed?

To diagnose lower back pain, our chiropractor will provide a thorough examination and discuss your symptoms with you. Then, we may recommend x-rays or other types of diagnostic tools. The goal will be to understand not just what hurts, but what is causing the pain to occur.

How a Chiropractor in Paris IL Can Treat Your Injury

When you meet with your chiropractor in Paris IL, our goal will be to diagnose and then create a customized treatment plan for your back pain. This can include a wide range of services including:

  • Spinal manipulation – The goal here is to readjust the alignment of the spinal column. In doing so, we can reduce the amount of pain, pressure, and inflammation occurring and causing your pain.
  • Massage – In some cases, we may recommend massage therapy as a part of your healing process. It can work to stimulate healing to the specific area impacted.
  • Spinal decompression – This treatment can work to reduce pressure causing the inflammation you feel by reducing the stress and pressure on the nerves within the spinal column discs.

Schedule a Consultation for Lower Back Pain Relief in Paris

When you come in to see your chiropractor for lower back pain relief in Paris, you’ll get a customized treatment plan designed to treat the cause of your pain and to improve your mobility. Call Hancock Chiropractic Center at 217-466-1150 for an appointment.

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