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Conservative Neck Pain Relief from Our Paris IL Chiropractor

Neck pain can place severe limits on your productivity, comfort, and overall ability to participate in life's many activities. If your life has become one big pain in the neck, then it's time to do something about it -- and Hancock Chiropractic Center can help. Our Paris IL chiropractor, Dr. Hancock, can find the underlying cause of your misery and provide conservative treatment solutions to restore your neck back to optimal condition.

chiropractor diagnosing patient with back pain

Different Types and Causes of Neck Pain

Neck pain isn't caused by any one single thing, which makes it that much more tricky to diagnose and treat. Some of the more common causes of neck pain seen by our Paris IL chiropractor include:

Whiplash - Whiplash is a brutal acute injury that occurs when your head is thrown sharply forward and backward. This action damages the neck's soft tissue, dislocated vertebral joints and can also herniated cervical discs, producing everything from neck and shoulder pain to referred pain in the arms and hands.

Degenerative conditions - Like other parts of the spinal column, the cervical spine is vulnerable to chronic or age-related degeneration. Osteoarthritis, spinal stenosis, spondylolisthesis and other conditions may be related to bulging, flattened discs that have lost their hydration.

Repetitive strain injuries - Athletes and office workers alike may suffer from repetitive strain injuries in the neck. Any situation that has you constantly craning or twisting your neck can create recurring micro-tears and inflammation in the soft tissues.

Posture and balance problems - An unbalanced cervical spinal alignment can cause your head to be less than straight in relation to your neck, producing constant strain in muscles and leaving you with neck and/or shoulder pain. Poor postural habits, including "text neck" from dropping your head to consult mobile devices, are another cause of neck pain.

Our Chiropractor in Paris IL Has the Answers

If you don't relish the idea of undergoing major neck surgery or depending on painkillers to get through your day, bring your troubled neck to Hancock Chiropractic Center. Our chiropractor in Paris IL can solve the mystery of your neck pain through a thorough consultation and spinal evaluation. We can then get that pain under control through conservative, safe methods such as:

  • Spinal adjustments to improve upper cervical balance, vertebral alignment and joint position
  • Spinal decompression therapy, which uses negative pressure to reorient bulging discs and help them regain lost fluids
  • Cold laser therapy to relieve pain and speed healing in whiplash or other neck injuries
  • Corrective exercises to help you get over an acute or chronic neck strain
  • Lifestyle and ergonomic advice to help you avoid future neck and shoulder pain

Seeking Neck Pain Relief in Paris?

If you can't stand living with a stiff, sore neck, take action today to get back on the road to comfort and functionality. Call Hancock Chiropractic Center at 217-466-1150 to schedule non-surgical, drug-free neck pain relief in Paris!

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