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Hancock Chiropractic Center: Holistic, Effective Back Pain Relief in Paris, IL

Back pain is the most common complaint among men and women of all ages, causing significant disability and taking a toll on work, school and everyday activities of life. Although lower back pain is the most common type of back pain, symptoms can occur in the upper and lower spine as well. Chronic and acute back pain can limit your ability to take part in social activities, and in some cases, it can even interfere with your ability to get a good night’s sleep. The causes of back pain can be complex, and to find long-term relief for pain and other symptoms, it’s essential to see a top-rated chiropractor as soon as possible so the issues causing painful symptoms are prevented from becoming worse.

Dr. John Hancock is a leading chiropractor in Paris IL, relying state-of-the-art technology and advanced techniques to identify the cause of back pain and related symptoms, and to provide real, patient-centered relief using methods designed to tap into the body’s own natural healing processes.

man having lower back pain in office

What causes back pain?

Lots of factors can cause or contribute to back pain, including lifestyle factors, spinal conditions, workplace ergonomics, muscle strain from repetitive movements or heavy lifting, and personal habits and characteristics, including poor posture, being overweight, and spending long periods of time standing or sitting. Some types of back pain can be caused by arthritis or age-related changes in the spine, or from spine-related conditions like scoliosis, spinal stenosis (“stiffening” of the spine, and bulging or herniated discs. In fact, slipped discs are a major cause of sciatica, a chronic condition that causes lower back pain and related symptoms in the buttocks and legs. Because back pain can have so many causes, having a thorough evaluation is essential to ensuring you receive the best and most appropriate treatment.

How does a Paris IL chiropractor treat back pain?

As a top Paris IL chiropractor, Dr. Hancock begins every treatment with a review of the patient’s medical history, their lifestyle and their symptoms, followed by a hands-on examination of the spine and often, the legs and arms. Examinations rely on active and massive movements to pinpoint the cause of symptoms, often accompanied by x-rays to rule out specific causes and confirm the final diagnosis.

Once the cause has been determined, a skilled chiropractor will develop a treatment plan that’s focused specifically on the patient’s unique needs. Treatment may include spinal adjustments to coax the discs and vertebrae into optimal alignment, deep massage to stimulate circulation and reduce inflammation, therapeutic stretching and exercises that can be performed at home, and other lifestyle changes. Gentle traction and tissue manipulation techniques also may be employed. And of course, patients will be provided with lifestyle guidance targeted at their needs to help them take control of their health and prevent back pain from recurring.

Back Pain Relief in Paris: Schedule an Evaluation Today

Back pain can take a serious toll on your life, but the good news is, as an experienced and trusted chiropractor in Paris IL, Dr. Hancock is skilled in designing treatment plans tailored for each patient’s needs for fast and effective long-term symptom relief. Dedicated to helping patients relieve pain without relying on long-term use of medications, Dr. Hancock works closely with each patient to help them take control of their health and prevent recurrence of painful symptoms.  Get the relief you need - starting today. Call Hancock Chiropractic Center at 217-466-1150 and schedule your consultation.

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