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Back Pain Treatment from Our Paris, IL Chiropractor

Back pain treatment Paris IL chiropractor

Few ailments can put your entire life on hold more quickly and decisively than back pain. This part of your body plays a central role in your physical function meaning that injury, degenerative diseases or spinal misalignments can make countless daily tasks agonizingly painful or simply impossible. If you can't work, sleep, perform daily errands or enjoy any quality of life due to back pain, you need safe, effective solutions that can get that pain under control. Our Terre Haute, IN chiropractor at Hancock Chiropractic can provide that relief through conservative, drug-free, surgery-free care.

Back Pain Basics

Back pain may have an obvious and immediate cause, or it may develop very slowly over months or years for reasons not clear to you. Common causes of back pain include:

Accident Injuries - An auto accident can jolt the spinal joints and discs out of their normal position, producing a painful disc herniation that may also pinch nearby nerve roots. Workplace mishaps (such as lifting an object without proper safety precautions) can damage muscles and ligaments in the back, causing pain and stiffness. A violent sports injury can also cause soft tissue damage and vertebral dislocation.

Repetitive Strain Conditions - If your back is burdened with unhealthy motions or positions for long periods of time, repetitive strain can cause chronic muscle spasms and put stress on the facet joints that articulate the spine.

Degenerative Spinal Problems - Age-related degenerative spinal conditions such as spondylolisthesis, spinal stenosis and spinal arthritis can all cause gradual onset of back pain. Spinal disc may also flatten out as they lose hydration, straining the joints and possibly leading to disc herniation.

Abnormal Spinal Alignment Or Posture - Your back pain might be due to chronic musculoskeletal strains related to years of abnormal stance and gait. Spinal misalignment is often the underlying cause.

How Our Chiropractor Diagnoses and Treats Your Back Pain

Our chiropractor, Dr. John Hancock, uses detailed diagnostic techniques to isolate the primary cause of your back pain as well as the "collateral damage" appearing in other structures. This enables him to provide an accurate diagnosis and employ a variety of safe, natural healing methods to relieve your back pain without drugs or surgery.

Chiropractic adjustment can restore normal position and function to your spinal joints while relieving the weight imbalances that contribute to joint pain. Spinal decompression can reposition flattened or herniated discs, infusing them with water and nutrients. You may also benefit from cold laser therapy and massage therapy to relieve pain/inflammation and boost the tissue-healing process, or from corrective exercises to rehabilitate an injured back (or increase range of motion in an arthritic one).

Schedule Safe, Natural Back Pain Relief at Our Paris, IL Clinic

Back pain relief doesn't have to involve heavy drugs or risky surgery. Call Hancock Chiropractic Center at 217-466-1150 to schedule an appointment with our Paris, IL chiropractor.

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